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Youth Adventures was implemented as a way of reaching out to groups of children that have had limited exposure to public parklands. Mountain bike rides are scheduled with organizations that serve disadvantaged, inner-city or at-risk youth from ages 8-17 and are held in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Youth Adventures supplies the bikes, helmets, gloves, water and snacks.

Youth Adventures began in the summer of 1993 and operates twice per month year-round serving over 350 kids annually.

Backcountry preparedness and wildlife habits are described in an informative, interesting fashion to make learning about the park fun and memorable. The focus is to encourage the children to come back to the parks by giving them the skills they need to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Learning how to maneuver on trails, over rocks, through streams, and up small hills is an exciting and different experience for the children. Youth Adventures ride leaders encourage the children to stop and listen – the children are amazed at the silence and tranquility in the park. The children often remark about the lack of graffiti and litter in the park. During the day the children are encouraged to interact with their knowledge of the area and native culture.

Rides are led by the Mountain Bike Unit, a volunteer bike patrol unit that patrols for the State and National Parks in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The MBU is a group of volunteers working for the National and State Park system as well as the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. The MBU personnel are trained in First Aid, CPR, basic bicycle repairs, nature interpretive skills as well as the natural resources and history of the parks. Ride leaders participate in a series of additional training rides before they qualify to lead rides.

Polaroid pictures mounted in souvenir holders are taken of each child with the bike that they rode and are given to each participant as a souvenir.

View our photo gallery of the rides to see all the activities.

How do the kids like the ride?

Youth Adventures receives many letters of thanks from both participants and agencies, most of whom schedule several trips each year.

"The kids were so happy to have seen the world around them. Our kids have never seen the State Park and the experiences that they now have will last a life time." This comment, from Joseph S., head of one of the youth programs we support, is typical of what we hear back.

Here's another one: “Thanks to all the Mountain Bike Unit guys. I am telling you my kids just keep asking when can we do it again. One of the boys was so cute he told me he was upset after the ride. When  I asked him what was wrong and his answer was he felt bad for my other kids that could not attend the ride. His quote 'Those guys missed soooooooooo  much fun'."

Youth Adventures Depends on Your Donations

Youth Adventures - and all CORBA programs - is an all-volunteer program and relies on donations of not only funds, but mountain bikes and accessories as well. Please help us keep this wonderful program going by giving what you can. Monetary donations can be given online or checks can be sent to our US Mailing Address. CORBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. If you would like to donate some equipment you're no longer using, please check out our Bike Donation Guidelines first. Contact if you have any questions.

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