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Trailwork Instructional Videos

The following videos were produced by, or in cooperation with, CORBA.
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Introduction to Trailwork.
What to expect, what to bring, safety, etc.
From the Southern California Trails Coalition
(9:44 min; 55 MB)

Building a Pump Track
(5:37 min; 32 MB)

Finishing a new trail (and moving a lot of rocks)
(8:55 min; 51 MB)

How to remove a Yucca
(3:13 min; 18 MB)

IMBA Trail Building Guide

For those who haven't been able to attend an IMBA trailbuilding workshop, here's a substitute that will give you all the basic info you'll need.

We highly recommend watching all the videos in order, as the principles outlined in the early chapters are referred to throughout the rest.

The original DVD was about 40 minutes long, but for Youtube it has been split it up into it's chapters.

Watch All Videos Continuously

Watch Individual Chapters (embedded below):


1: The Most Important Step (Permission and planning)

2: Trail Design Mistakes

3: Designing Sustainable Trails

4: Let's Get Dirty

5: Armoring

6: Creating Challenge

7: Maintaining Trails

8: Reclaiming Trails

Now go build a trail or do some trailwork!







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