Fixing a section of the Los Robles Trail West, CORBA's adopted trail in Thousand Oaks

The small amount of rain we had in October has already damaged this trail, so two of us spent a couple of hours to prevent more damage from winter rains on this steeper part of the trail. We have a blog entry that describes this work.

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Looking uphill at the first new water diversion, called a 'rolling dip', designed to funnel water off the trail from the middle so it doesn't form a rut.
Looking downhill at the first rolling dip. This one was near the top of this downhill section.
Further down the trail, a rut is already forming. We built the second rolling dip here.
Looking uphill where we were to build the second water diversion.
The second rolling dip is almost finished
Steve puts on some finishing touches
There is a short and very steep section at the bottom of this downhill segment. It's really starting to form a rut.
We had a few minutes so we filled in this rut. The rolling dip uphill of it should protect it from more rut-forming water running over it. Filling in the rut will make it easier for riders to get up the hill without having to walk.