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eNews for April 2

List of Closed Trails - March 24. These trails are closed to mountain biking. Please ride on open trails only.

2008 FTF Volunteers Rides and Lunch - March 18

Suburu/IMBA Trail Care Crew Visiting Santa Barbara March 26-29 - March 7

March Skills Clinic Photos

eNews for March 7

COSCA Seeks Volunteers for Trailhead Outreach - March 2

Latest Terra Times available on the web (Vol 17, #1) - February 27

CORBA now has Student memberships for $15 per year - February 11

February Skills Clinic photos

eNews for February 6

Photos from work on the Backbone Trail near Latigo Canyon Road - January 31

Popular Energy Bars Recalled Due to Salmonella Contamination - January 31

eNews for January 9

January 2009 Skills Clinic Photos

Youth Adventures ride photos - Dec 6.

December Skills Clinic Photos

eNews for December 5 - Ergon grip giveaway continues

Mountain Bike Action magazine article on CORBA's Jeff Klinger - From MBA, December 2008

Ergon Grips Giveaway - Nov 7. New members, and CORBA members who encourage them to join, get a pair of free Ergon Grips (for a very limited time)!

eNews for November 7

November Skills Clinic Photos

Photos of the COSCA Trailwork Day - Oct 18

eNews for October 17

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CORBA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization serving the mountain bicycling community of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas including southern Ventura County. We are dedicated to preserving open space, maintaining public access to public lands, and creating more trail opportunities for all to enjoy. We are affiliated with the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Ride. Inform. Preserve.

We are passionate about the mountain biking experience and the mountains and trails that are available to us. We are also committed to our community and offer several programs that give back and contribute to positive trail experiences for trail users.

Whether you ride twice a year or twice a day, you understand how precious trail access is to your well-being and lifestyle. Join the CORBA community today…after all, what would living in the LA area be like without great mountain bike trails?

Rules of the Trail - Click for detailsRules of the Trail

1. Ride on open trails only.

2. Leave no trace.

3. Control Your Bicycle!

4. Always Yield the Trail to Other Trail Users.

5. Never Scare Animals.

6. Be Prepared and Plan Ahead.

7. Take the Opportunity to Give Back to the Trails - The CORBA Trail Crew.

Quote of the week

"When you train better, you become a better rider. You have to push yourself to the limit - that's what makes the top riders. Some people can't do it, but that's what makes the good ones and the great ones."

Sean Kelly, Irish pro road racer known as "The King of the Classics"
from "The Quotable Cyclist" by Bill Strickland

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Why ride a mountain bike?

  • It's great exercise and improves health
  • It improves balance
  • It reduces stress
  • It helps us appreciate the beauty of nature
  • We can see wildlife and wildflowers
  • We will escape the noise of the city
  • We find great camaraderie
  • There are no cars to get hit by
  • It's fun!
  • Kids think it's fun!


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